Case Study of Ramu Kisku (Name Changed)

Name: Ramu Kisku (Name Changed) Age: 13 yrs Father’s name: Late Narayana Kisku Mother’s name: Biju Kisku Address: Paradeep  

Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Not being aware of the harsh reality is sometimes better than feeling the pangs of truth. So thought Ramu’s family about hiding the truth about his mother after his father’s death. Ramu lived in Jaipur at that time. Soon after his father’s death, Ramu’s mother went away to stay with someone else, leaving Ramu and his 4 siblings on their own. At the same time, Ramu was told that his mother had passed to save Ramu from the pain. His elder sister got married and took to Paradeep, where Ramu studied in a residential school in Kendrapada and came home during the summers. He studied there until class 5 where his school demanded an Aadhar card, leaving his school and opting for tuition. When the SOCH team got to know about him, they asked him to join the edu-bridge camp. He enjoyed his stay in the camp and developed an interest in studies, drawing, and sports. Ramu shares that he wants to become a social worker and do well for society by being asked about his ambition. 

Follow Up : After completing camp, they all are in their home & can’t study or continue tuition due to second wave of COVID-19.

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