3rd Camp Report – Programme Punarjivan

3rd Camp Report Programme Punarjivan

3rd Camp Report – Programme Punarjivan

Third Camp Details (7th sept to 28th sept, 2019) : 

SOCH organized a 3 weeks behavioral modification camp at its “The Pat & Del Page Memorial Rehabilitation Centre” in Jatani, Khurda between 7th September 2019 to 28th September 2019 and worked towards reforming the difficult behavior of children staying with families. The children have been sent by their parents for a 21 days camp with a consent letter.

Following the process flow the Camp procedures started with mobilizing the children who have a history of repeated running away from home, are addicted to substances and display hard behavior before initiating the Camp activities. Most of them had dropped their study after primary education and necessitated themselves in platform life or begging. Other than visiting guest resource persons, the camp was resourced with 5 able and well skilled permanent SOCH staff to supervise and train these children by implementing the daily schedule for the benefit of the children.

Accommodating 20 children (aged between 8years – 16 years) from three different Low income urban communities of Bhubaneswar which are Jali Munda Sahi , Pathara bandha , Dehuri Sahi (Unit-8), the Camp commenced with an orientation to the children and their parents about the schedules and activity plan for the 21 days. Following the daily schedules the camp was facilitated by Resource persons with different expertise for Yoga and Meditation sessions, psychological counselling sessions, De-addiction sessions, life skills and motivational sessions, dance classes, etc.

The camp also had visitors from different clubs and organisations like “Lions Club of Bhubaneswar Lotus”, “SBI Ladies Club, Bhubaneswar”, “Inner Wheel Club of Bhubaneswar Radiant”, Mr. Nirmal Kumar Behera, Ms. Pragyan Paramita Nayak from Infosys. who have extended their support either through In-Kind materials or goodies for the camp children or by sponsoring camp activities.

Though the children had to undergo a tight schedule, the camp team ensured enough space for the children through games and sports and different entertainment activities like screening of movies, song, dance, etc. This 21 days camp witnessed its end on 28th September 2019 with a camp ending ceremony and workshop for parents on effective parenting.

The Camp Ending Ceremony is customary for each camp. It was all about rejoicing in the change in children that was an outcome of collective effort of the staff, resource persons and children. In spite of all odds imposed by adverse weather conditions it was indeed a fortune to have the Honorable MLA of Jatni Mr. Suresh Ku Routray as the Chief Guest, Mr. Amiya Patnaik (GM, HR & ADMINISTRATION-NALCO) and Mrs. Sabita Patnaik (Social Activist) as the Special Guests. The camp ending ceremony was in its peak of celebration as it was also graced by the parents of the children and few ardent supporters and Advisory Board Member of SOCH, Mr. Manmath Dalei and Mr. Birendra Das.

Customary to his signature style of greeting the audience, Shri Suresh Kumar Routray hailed the children, the committed project staff, the present members on dais and the Organization with applauds and motivated children to practice the learning in the Camp and to bring it to their daily work habits. Then Mrs. Sabita Patnaik gave a few self grooming tips and lessons on personal hygiene through some interesting stories. Similarly Mr. Amiya Patnaik following her footsteps enlightened the children on few moral values of life through stories.

The Camp ending ceremony also had some entertaining dance performances presented by the Camp children and culminated with dinner, snacks and group photo session.

3rd Camp Follow up Status:

No. of children enrolled in 3rd Camp20
Studying at Home16
Idle At Home02
Again Addicted with substances02
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