Programme Rakshyak
Programme Rakshyak

This programme aims to rescue and resettle runaway, missing, abducted, abandoned and trafficked children to a safe place, primarily focusing at railway stations.

Child Centred Community Development (CCCD)
Child Centred Community Development (CCCD)

Child Centered Community Development Programme aims at working with various parts of an ecosystem of a child to bring about holistic and overall community development.

Our Work
Programme Punarjivan
Programme Punarjivan

Behaviour Modification, Deaddiction & Educational Bridge Residential Camp for hard behavior/ addicted & dropout children.

Our Intervention Area
Rescue Children at Risk
Rehabilitate Addicted Children
Send Back to School
Mainstream Orphan Youths
Child Centred Community Development
Programme Pankh
Programme Pankh

“Pankh” aims to mainstream the orphan and semi orphan youths within the society.

Child Centred Disaster Response (CCDR)
Child Centred Disaster Response (CCDR)

Child Centered Disaster Response Programme aims to help the children through families who have been affected or displaced because of any disaster or natural calamities.

+ About SOCH

Society for Children (SOCH) is a non-profit organization, established in 2012 and registered under Society Act XXI of 1860 with the Registration No-23515/51 at IGR Cuttack, Odisha.

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Achievements So Far

2020 – Mr. Manoj Kumar has been awarded “The Gratitude Network Fellowship” for 2020. He has been featured in Forbes Magazine for this achievement.

2019 – Felicitated with “Inspire award 2018-19”@ Parivartan & BWW, Bhubaneswar

2018 – Recognized by “Punya Utkal” organization for its social contribution.

2017 – Acknowledged as one of the top 50 “Change Agents” to feature in the inaugural edition of “Be The Change” 2017, Bhubaneswar.

2016 – Acknowledged as one of the winners @ India CSR Summit 2016 in the CSR Implementing Agency category.

2015 – Acknowledged as the “Best Children NGO” @ “Giving Back 2015 Awards” for its commitment and dedication towards the cause.
Our impact from 2012 to till 31st March 2022
Programme Statistics
  • Total Number of children Rescued-5904
  • Total children reunited: 4273
  • Total referal received: 602

De-addiction -cum- Behaviour Modification (1 month residential) Camp Updates

  • Total No. Residential De-addiction Camp  :10
  • No. of Children enrolled in the camp :206
  • No. of children Completed the camp: 205
  • No. of children de-addicted: 188 (Percentage: 75 %)

Education Bridge (3 months residential) Camp Updates:

  • Total Residential Education Bridge Camp  complete: 06
  • Ongoing Residential Education Bridge Camp -01
  • No. of Children enrolled in the camp :134 children
  • No. of children completed the camp: 133 children
  • No. of children continuing formal education : 104 children
  • No . of Youth Data collected – 3386
  • Counselling Provided – 804
  • Enrolled in the vocational Training – 279
  • Youth placed in job – 28
  • Total no. of Children from the Community impacted – 644
  • Adolescent Girls – 130
  • No. of Women impacted through SHGs – 420
  • Elderly – 190
  • PWD – 38

No.of youth impated – 20 Youths

No. of Families impacted – 400 Families.

  • Distributed Relif: More than 2000 families (During FANI Cyclone)
  • Distributed Dry Ration Kits: 4000 Families (During COVID – 19)
  • No. of Rural & Urban Communitie: 50
  • Locations: Bhubaneswar, Pipili & Paradeep
  • No. of children Benefitted through Nutritional support: More than 1000
Our Project Partners & Collaboration Organizations