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Society For Children (SOCH)

SOCH (Society for Children) is a non-profit organization established in 2012. SOCH works with children at various railway stations of Odisha. Our aim is to rescue those missing and runaway children. These children leave their homes due to various reasons and reach the station.

Since Inception to till 31st December 2019.

No. of children Reunited with their families
Total Number of children Rescued
No. of children received referrals from our stakeholders
No. of children Involved In Camp
No. Of Children Reunited
Provided Institutional Care
No. of Youth Data Collected
Counselling Provided
Enrolled Youth For Vocational Training
Youth Placed In Job

Our Noble Cause Focus For

Different Stage Children To A Younger One.






“Saving Lives .......... Building future”

Daily hundreds of children run away from home & landed at railway stations, a very small portion of children able to go back their home on their own and majority get trafficked to metro cities for child beggary, child labour, prostitution, etc. SOCH aspire to expand its child rescue and resettlement operation to other railway stations to save the lives of such children. join us!……..
Manoj kumar swain
Founder Director SOCH
  • I have been helping and fund raising for SOCH since 2012. Their work is main reason I come India again and again.

    Malcolm Harper

    Prof, UK
  • Such a beautiful feeling seeing your little contribution saving lives

    Bill Voss

    Entrepreneur, USA
  • SOCH has given me a totally different insight to look at the unnoticed social aspect of our society. I feel proud that in some way or other I am attached to this organization.

    Minakhi Das


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