Just as all of us thought that the pandemic was over and things were returning to normalcy, the second wave of the virus hit and it hit India hard. Look around you, you can unfortunately and certainly see someone you know and you love gasping for ‘air’. The lesser fortunate sections of our society in Odisha, in addition to breath, are also gasping for food. Unemployment is on a rise and so, due to the lack of essential aid, complete families are being wiped out or destroyed forever. Without money, medicines or any awareness about how to fight the virus, it is becoming practically impossible for these communities to fight this pandemic.

Lend a breath, or a bite! SOCH (SOciety for CHildren), a non-profit Organization Registered under Society Act XXI of 1860 with the Registration No-23515/51 at IGR Cuttack, Odisha) is providing Dry Ration kits and Medical Recovery kits to the needy communities in Odisha to show them that we are in it together and stand in solidarity with them. You are invited to contribute and participate in this initiative, which is as much yours as ours.

Each Dry Ration Kit costs ₹ 1000/- and consists of different types of Rice, Dal, Oil, Different types of Flour, Spices, Salt, Sugar, Amul milk powder etc.

Each Medical Recovery Kit costs ₹ 4500/- consists of Masks, Sanitizer, Soap, Pulse Oximeter, Thermometer, Medicines and Supplements.

You may sponsor one or more Dry Ration or Medical Recovery Kits. The SOCH team which is working onsite will deliver these kits to the needy themselves in a completely transparent process, so you can be assured that your donations are being used as effectively as possible. If the initiative piqued your interest, please share it as much as you can as well.

The SOCH team is always open for suggestions and queries so please feel free to reach out to us! Visit our website at We do sincerely hope that you are taking good care of yourself and your loved ones. The very fact that you are here, visiting this page, shows you are eager to help. So, please keep doing good in this world because we are in this together!

Thanking you,