Story of Prakash Hembram (Name Changed)

Name: Prakash Hembram (Name Changed) Age: 12 yrs Father’s Name: Kalandi Hembram Mother’s Name: Late Dukhi Hembram Address: Bauria Palanda, Paradweep  

Here is yet another story of a boy who went from illiteracy to being the second in his batch of 17 kids in a matter of a few months. He used to live with his aunt in Bauria Palada, Paradeep after the sad demise of his mother,his father was a daily wage labourer migrant so he could not give proper care and time to his boy. Having lost his mother from such a tender age, He felt the void due to the lack of motherly affection and care. As a result, he could not focus properly on his studies and dropped out of school during his 4th standard. After dropping out of school, to support his family which consisted of his 2 siblings, he started working in the house of other people and did petty jobs like cleaning and weeding. 

When the SOCH team took him under their Punarjivan Programme to help him get a brighter future, he was unable to even write a single letter in English. But soon, he showed astounding progress in the 3-months edu-bridge camp. He even stood second amongst the 17 students studying with him in the camp. He has even developed a keen interest in subjects like English and is extremely curious about knowing new things. He is intrigued to learn about the wonders of the world and also about those outside the world like planets and other celestial objects.

He has every right to enjoy the benefits of good education and innocent and credulous childhood. Let’s together give him a healthy and beautiful life that leads to an equally promising future.

Follow Up : After completing camp, they all .are in their home & can’t study or continue tuition due to second wave of COVID-19.

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