Guddu Motu, aged 15 yrs is an illiterate boy. Guddu’s father is a daily labourer while his mother collects leaves from the jungle. Guddu has one brother and two sisters who are continuing their studies. The hand to mouth existence of his family incited his parents to pressure him to start working.

Guddu wasn’t interested in earning money, but his parents were adamant enough not to understand his hesitance. Once Guddu’s parents came across a job broker at a marriage function who promised them to engage Guddu in some job in Rourkela. Guddu’s parents were glad to get this news and relegate their son’s reluctance, pressuring him to work in Rourkela in a hotel. 

Guddu then, despite his reluctance, went to Rourkela and started working in the hotel. Here he was asked to buy wines from a shop and serve the customers in that hotel. He became habituated with the work, and he started consuming alcohol himself. This had a soothing effect on this mind and body. 

When Guddu was watching TV, his hotel manager ventured into his room, and on seeing Guddu watching TV, he rebuked him for wasting time and getting careless with his work. The chided manager had left a deep scar in Guddu‘s heart and mind, so he decided to run away from the confinement of this hotel, and he did just that.

He ran away and landed at Khurda railway station to be rescued by the SOCH team. After a brief counselling session, Guddu was referred to behavioral modification camp for street connected hard behavior children under Program Punarjivan ranned at Open Shelter of Bhairabi club for further care and attention.

Guddu’s conversation with the staff was amicable and upbeat. It made the camp team aware of his persona as an extrovert who likes to socialize with people. His eyes sparkle on sharing the camp experience. He is very jubilant in describing the cooperation and care received from the people in this camp. The exercises and yoga taught here make him relaxed and free of agitation.

Children like Guddu need proper guidance, support and love from their elders. Parents should understand their desire and allow them to chase their dreams instead of burdening them with responsibilities that can make their future bleak.

During the celebration of the family reunion, the child was happily reunited with his loving family.

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