If we choose to smile, even the hardest of situations can be overcome

Here, we would like to share one of our live experience while distributing Dry Ration kits as a part of SOCH’s initiative, supported by Ajim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives(APPI) to feed the needy during COVID 19 lockdown, an old & frail lady patiently waiting for her turn.You could see many young & able people becoming impatient while waiting for their turns. When one of our volunteers went up to her and ask her to take her kit, she calmly turned down the offer.When she asked why she did not want to take her kit before others ? she said it is not right that she gets her kit before her turn comes & the others seem

more in need of the kit than her. So she waited for her turn & finally it was her chance to get the kit & she took it. But the kit was too heavy for her to carry.The volunteers offered to drop her off in her home since she was struggling but she said a definite no. Everyone was astonished! Her answer was the most inspiring thing one could come across in these bleak days. According to her, she could accept help from volunteers for today, maybe even for tomorrow, but they won’t be there to help her always. One day or the other she will have to be independent & carry her things herself.. It would be better if she started preparing for it today .

Further she said that it’s okay to take help when you are entirely unable to do the task. But in her words “BEING INDEPENDENT IS THE BEST”. Throughout the conversation, she talked about her life, her family, how after losing her son due to some unfortunate incident, she stays with her husband, she used to be a teacher in her youth & mastered many languages like odia, hindi, english, bengali, marathi among others.

While taking leave she blessed SOCH, APPI & Volunteers. She also wanted to hug us & quickly moved when she remembered about government guidelines related to social distancing. All the time she had a smiling face while others were worried to get their kit.

This incident made us think about one thing that if we choose to smile, even the hardest of situations can be overcome. We are privileged enough to be able to sit in our houses, not having to worry about food or the safety of our family. One the other hand, this lady who has to stand in long queues for food, who lost her son very recently, doesn’t know when she will run out of money, among her things. However, she still chooses to smile & be patient. To her, age is just a number & she doesn’t let it affect her in any way. She teaches us about a valuable lesson about being independent & also tells us about the importance of help.

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