Case study of CH. Ravi Teja

CH. Ravi Teja is a 5 years old child studying in KG-1, in Sai Saraswati Bidya Mandir. He is a very talented and smart child. Ravi Teja is not only good in study but also in football, carom, long jump, high jump and many other games. His essay writing and debating skill is also mind blowing. But he feels himself unlucky because he was unable to get the love, care and guidance of his father. In this teen age when his father should be his backbone, but he had lost him, when he was 1 year old. Tears come to his eyes when he shows his friends moving safely across the road with their father. Their fathers bring new dress, toys, chocolates, foods and various things with a lots of affection, but he has been deprive from all these care, which a child needs for his complete growth as a social, economic, political and emotional human being.

But on the other hand he is fortunate to have his mother CH. Puspa, who is playing the role of both father and mother. CH. Puspa always tries her best to fulfill all the needs of her only son. So that he will never realize the absence of his father. She lost her husband because of Dengue, before 4 year when Ravi was just a 1 year old baby. He started struggling alone for survival of herself and her son. She purchased a house in Mochi sahi Slum with the help of her father and relatives. Gradually she started working in some houses as part time house keeper because she had to give her time to her son also.

Currently she is working in 3 houses as a part time housemaid from which she gets maximum 3000 rupees per month and By observing her financial need Society for children (SOCH) a nonprofit organization has appointed her as a part time housemaid with the salary Rs. 1500/- per month.

According to Puspa, she spends 3500 per month on food and gas. She spends 500 for electric bill and 500 for dress and other miscellaneous need. Her earning is not even sufficient for the sustenance of her family.

In modern era education is not only fundamental right of human being but also it’s a basic need. Ch. Puspa understands the value of education, so that she has admitted her son in Sai Saraswati Bidya Mandir. But she was unable to provide the annual fees of school.

So she shared her tragedy situation near Manoj Ku. Swain, the Secretary of SOCH. Mr. Manoj Ku. Swain is a good hearted people became pity towards the small child and donated Rs. 4500/- on date 5/04/2018 to for the education and future of Ravi Teja.

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