Board of Members :

The Board of Members of SOCH consists of the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and seven members.

S.N.NameDesignationAgeOccupationSince when associated with Organisation
1Mr. Pramod Painuly, S/o – Mr. Surendra PainulyChairperson39Development Professional2nd July, 2012
2Mr. Manoj Kumar Swain, S/o – Mr. Kailash Chandra SwainSecretary31Development Professional2nd July, 2012
3Mr. Narayan Mohanty, S/o – Mr. Niranjan MohantyTreasurer31Teaching Professional2nd July, 2012
4Mr. Saroj Kumar Nayak, S/o- Mr. Raghunath NayakMember33Corporate Professional2nd July, 2012
5Mr. Sunil Kumar Chaudhary, S/o – Mr. Ram ChaudharyMember35Development Professional2nd July, 2012
6Mr. Gajanan Rauta, S/o – Mr. Biswanath RautaMember31Development Professional2nd July, 2012
7Mr. Pawan Mishra, S/o – S.K.MishraMember33Development Professional2nd July, 2012
8Mr. Narayan Nayak, S/o – Mr. Purna Chandra NayakMember32Development Professional2nd July, 2012
9Mr. Debendra Nath Mishra, S/o – Sarangapani MishraMember31Development Professional2nd July, 2012
10Mr. Subhendru Kumar Mohanty, S/o – Mr. Gurucharan MohantyMember30Development Professional2nd July, 2012

Governing Body Details:

Sl. No.NameDesignationAgeOccupationAssociated with SOCH since
1Mr.Pramod Painuly,              S/o-Mr.Surendra PainulyChair person39Development Professional2nd July 2012
2Mr.Manoj Kumar Swain,      S/o-Mr.Kailash Chandra SwainSecretary31Development Professional2nd July 2012
3Mr. Narayan Mohanty,         S/o-Mr.Niranjan MohantyTreasurer31Teaching Professional2nd July 2012
4Mr.Saroj Kumar Nayak,         S/o-Mr. Raghunath NayakMember34Corporate Professional2nd July 2012
5Mr.Sumil Kumar Chaudhury, S/o-Mr.Ram ChaudhuryMember35Development Professional2nd July 2012
6Mr.Gajanan Rauta,                S/o-Mr.Biswanath RautaMember31Development Professional2nd July 2012
7Mr. Pawan Mishra,                 S/o-Mr.S.K. MishraMember33Development Professional2nd July 2012


Administrative Management Setup:

Staff Strength:

PositionsNo. of Staff
Manager (Communication, HR &Admin)1
Communication Officer1
Program Assistant1
Admin and Account Asst.1
Field Workers9
Cook cum Care Taker3


PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK (PNB)6761002100000869PUNB0676100Plot No – 123/124, Budheswari Colony, Bhubaneswar Cuttack Road, District – Khurda, Odisha, PIN – 751006


Registration Details under Society Act 1860:

Registration DetailsRegistration NumberPlaceDate of Original Registration
Under Society Act 186023515/51IGR Cuttack13th November, 2013
Under 12A37 / 2013-14Income Tax Office, Bhubaneswar24th March 2014. Effect from 13th November 2013
Under 80G80G12/2014-15/5976Income Tax Office, BhubaneswarEffect from 1st July, 2014
FCRA (PP)No.II/21022/94(0032-01)/2015-FCRA-IIIMinistry of Home Affaiis, Foreigners

Division, NDCC-I Building, New Delhi

Effect from 5th June, 2015

Funds handled :

S.N.Financial YearAmount (Rs.)
12012 – 2013780998/-
22013 – 20141232395/-