In Jan 2010, a base line survey was done at Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Puri railway stations under the leadership of Manoj(Founder of SOCH) to understand the issue of runaway  children and their resettlement.  This survey was done by Manoj as a member of Sathi- an NGO that has been working in the field of child rescue and rehabilitation. Survey findings were quite alarming as more than 100 children were daily landing at Bhubaneswar railway having run away from their homes due to trivial reasons in most of the cases. These children subsequently became street children with the risk of getting trafficked to metros; boys are sold to beggary gangs and girls are sold to red light areas. Manoj realized the enormity of the issue and hence decided to focus all his future endeavors to work upon and save the lives of innocent children daily being trafficked to metros across India.

Manoj being a bit spiritually inclined had since always dreamt of using his life for the betterment of the society. So, he decided to quit his job at Pune to start SOCH in Odisha. He started taking the idea to many people he knew. Prof. Malcolm Harper, Prof. David Taylor and Mr. Pramod Kulkarni showed faith in his idea and assured to extend their support for the initial period. This gave Manoj the required confidence to start SOCH and thus SOCH was born. Though all of the three aforementioned have extended their support and encouragement as per their capacity, Prof Malcolm happens to be the backbone supporter, mentor and encouragement to Manoj in successfully starting the project and extending all support to continue the efforts, thus saving lives of hundreds of children so far.

Society for Children (SOCH) formed in July, 2012; started rescuing children in Aug, 2012 and was registered on 13th Nov, 2013.