Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – SOCH

Q.1: What is SOCH?

  • Not a profit-making organisation
  • Founded in 2012
  • Running 5 projects
    Rakshyak: objectives, location, project statistics,
    Punarjivan: objectives, location, project statistics.
    Pankh: objectives, location, project statistics.

CCCD: objectives, location, project statistics.

CCDR: objectives, location, project statistics.

Q.2: How can I support? or how do I become a part of Society for children?

A: Really good to know that you want to be a part of Society for children.  Yes, you will definitely be part of SOCH by sharing your helping hand as Monthly supporter, Volunteer and as a member of Friends of SOCH.

Q.3: What is Friends of SOCH?

A: It’s a group of individuals who are directly and indirectly linked with the cause with SOCH and mainly our well-wishers. We have one WhatsApp group for our Friends and in this group, we only discuss work and children related updates in society.

Q.4: What is the size of your supporters’ group?

A: Now few individuals are supporting us. We are targeting to create about 1000 supporters.

Q.5: Where are you operating? 

A: At present we are operating at three locations in Odisha i.e. Bhubaneswar, Khurda and Paradeep and aspire to expand other needy locations like; Cuttack, Rourkela, Angul, Sambalpur, etc.

Q.6: Who is your founder? What is the background of your founder?

A: Mr. Manoj Kumar Swain is the founder of the organisation. You can read more about him from our website.

Q.7: What is your website?

A: www.sochforchildren.org

Q.8: Do you publish your annual report? 

A: Yes, we have been publishing our annual report which contains every year activities and Accounts Report. You can download them from our SOCH’s website under the Download section.

Q.9: Do you have your accounts audit report? 

A: Yes, we have our all-audit reports that can be downloaded from the website and are duly audited by Chartered Accountant (C.A.).

Q.10: Do you have 12A or 80G Certificate?

A: Yes, we have both 12A & 80G

Q.11: Do you have a FCRA Certificate? If not, then why? 

A: No, we don’t have the FCRA. But we have the FCRA prior permission and we have applied for the main FCRA which is under process.

Q.12: Has your story been published in the media? 

A: Yes, you can see them from our website under the activity section.

Q.13:  How do I become a volunteer for the Society for children?

A: You can email us at info@sochforchildren.org

Q.14:   How can I donate online?

A: Thank you for your thought to help the vulnerable children. You can contribute by using Google Pay, Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking. You can also donate directly through this link https://sochforchildren.org/

Q.15:   Is it safe to give my credit card details online?

A: Don’t worry about the credential. We are committed to protecting your personal information with us.

Q.16:   Are there any tax benefits for donating to the Society for Children?

A: Yes. We have an 80G certificate. We offer 100% tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Q.17:    Will you send me a tax exemption certificate?

A: Sure.  Yes! Kindly share your email address.

Q.18:    How will I be able to discontinue my monthly contribution?

A: You can surely do that. All you need to do is to make a request at least before one month over email at communicationofficer.soch@gmail.com.

Q.19:   How can I help through In kind donation?

A: You can share some materials like tables, Chairs, Study materials, clothes etc. Please contact us 0674 – 2311444 or Email Id – Info@sochfrochildren.org  and we can share our exact needs and figure this out together. Any help can go a long way!

Q.20:      How can I contact you regarding donation related queries?

A: You can definitely contact me directly through phone call, message & email.

Q.21:  What is your organization’s mission?
A: Our Organization mission is to realize the rights of deprived children and their rehabilitation.

Q.22: Is it a registered NGO?
A:  Yes! We started our organisation in July 2012 and registered under the Society Act on 13th November 2013. Our registration number is 23515/51.

Q.23: Is it only for child rescue or do other types of social work?
A: Except rescue and resettlement, we do behavioural modification camp of hard core street children, Youth mainstreaming and Child Centred Community Development Programme.

Q.24: How could you know about the runaway, missing, abandoned children?
A: We have social worker cum counsellors at different operational locations who are working at railway stations. Also, we do sensitization meetings with stakeholders (RPF, GRP, Near Shop, Cleaning Staffs) who inform us if they found any cases.

Q.25: Till now how many children are rescued and reunited with their families? Or can you share your statistics of achievement?
A: Since its inception in August 2012, till 30th August, 2020, SOCH has rescued 5401 children from vulnerable situations and successfully reunited 3923 children with their families.

Q.26Is it a fraud call?
A: No. It’s a registered non-profit social organisation named as SOCH. You can have a look at our website @http://www.sochforchildren.org/

Q.27: Why Should I Support You?

We are working to resolve the social issues like child trafficking, child labour and protection of child rights. If you are interested in working with children and are keen to help the children in need, also if you feel we are working in a positive way, then you can join us through volunteering, support through monetary or in kind ways.

Q.28:  Can you just brief your work? 

A: SOCH (SOciety for CHildren) is a non-profit Organization Registered under Society Act XXI of 1860 at IGR Cuttack, Odisha. Established in July 2012, SOCH is currently operating in three locations viz. Bhubaneswar, Khurda & Paradeep. RAKSHYAK (Child Rescue and Resettlement Programme), PUNARJIVAN (Behaviour Modification, Deaddiction & Educational Bridge Camp), PANKH (Mainstreaming of Youths having orphan or semi orphan background), CCCD (Child Centred Community Development) and CCDR (Child Centred Disaster Response) are the five Programmes of SOCH.

VISION: To create a just society, where all children are living happily, enjoying all their due rights.

MISSION: To realize the rights of deprived children and their rehabilitation.

Q.29: Brief  on Rakshyak Programme ?
It is all about rescue and resettlement of runaway, missing, abducted and abandoned children majorly focusing at railway stations. Due efforts are made to trace the family address of the children. Then the children are either reunited with their families or put on institutional care with appropriate involvement of Government’s juvenile justice system.

  1. To Rescue and resettle runaway, missing, abducted & abandoned children and first priority will be given to family reunion and last option for institutional care.
  2. To rescue and resettle working children, begging children etc.

Process Flow: 

  • Rescue drive and outreaching at railway stations
  • Network building with various stakeholders.
  • Counselling Centre Activities
  • Counselling to rescued children
  • Family Address tracing
  • Child resettlement
  1. Parent counselling & Family Reunion
  2. Refereed to institutional care
  • Follow Up:- Telephonic & Physical

Location: Bhubaneswar & Khurda Road


  • Total Number of children Rescued-5433
  • No. of children Reunited with their families- 3946
  • Total Referral received – 521


Q.30: Brief on Punarjivan Project? 

A: SOCH as an organization has carried out number of welfare activities for promoting voluntarism for needy children & has been organizing campaigns for the sake of development of children. It has created a platform for behavioural modification of children, children who are being forced or within their own wish to go into the dark world of substance abuse, children who are having limited access to basic health camp, education services & children who require serious environmental development change for their wellbeing. All the things mentioned come under “PROJECT PUNARJIVAN”. As the word “PUNARJIVAN” itself

means “REBIRTH” it basically focuses on the rebirth of the child’s intrinsic aspects inclusive of the surroundings he/she lives & breaths in & MOST IMPORTANTLY rebirth of the child’s happy & healthy life full of success which the child deserves. Our main motive behind our project is behavioural modification & camp; educational development of children.


  1.  3 weeks residential camp: Family Connected Children having issues with addiction, repeated runaway and other behavioural issues.
  2. 4 weeks residential camp: Street Connected Children having issues with addiction, repeated runaway, begging and other behavioural issues.
  3. 12 weeks residential educational-bridge camp: Children dropped out of schools for a long time and not having issues with addiction or other behavioural problems.


Location: Bhubaneswar, khurda & Paradeep


  • No. of Behavioural Camp Conducted: -06
  • No. of children enrolled in Camp-115
  • No. of Children Reunited with Families-101
  • Provided Institutional Care-14

Q.31: Brief on Project Pankh?
To mainstreaming the orphan and semi orphan youths to the society
Counselling (16-24 age), Mentoring(16-18 age), Life skill training(above 16),Vocational training, placement, follow up

Location: Bhubaneswar, Khurda & Paradeep.

  • No. of youth data collected 3258
  • Counselling provided :653
  • Enrolled in the vocational training : 256
  • Youth Placed in jobs: 15

Project Pankh, is only for CCI youth from age of 16-18 we will provide Counselling, Mentoring & Life skill training and when they reach at the age of 18 they will be facilitated in to the different vocational training institute for the training and after they became skilled then get job placement support and in case community youth were got benefit of counselling and facilitating the Vocational training centre and job placement. Finally, we done the follow up to know their status.

Q.32: Brief on Project CCCD? 

CCCD – Child Centred Community Development Programme aims at working with various parts of an ecosystem of a child to bring about holistic and overall community development.


  • To ensure every child has access to quality education with a child friendly environment and to ensure every child should be secured and protected and having knowledge about all 4 child rights.
  • To ensure all girls/women have access to information regarding their rights and use the benefits and entitlements provided by the government and non-government organisations.
  • To enable poorest and most needy families to access higher quality of life by generating additional income.
  • To Improve Healthcare access for all the residents of Balijhara and Bauriya Palanda.


  1. Children’s Education & Child Rights.
  2. Women Empowerment.
  3. Livelihood
  4. Wash
  5. Health
  6. Disaster Mitigation Management and Relief Work.
  7. Renewable Energy and Environment.

Location: Balijhara & Bauria Palanda slums at Paradeep


  • Total no. of Children from the Community impacted: 380 children
  • Adolescent Girls: 40
  • No. of women impacted through SHGs: 320 Women
  • No. of Youths impacted: 20 Youths
  • No. of Families impacted: 400 Families
  • Elderly 65 & PWD: 35

Q.28: Let me know how my money will be used ?
Sir, we are having five different programmes, as per your area of interest on the basis of our running projects you can choose any programme from us and your money is directly reached to the beneficiaries through the medium of SOCH.

Q.29: Can I get tax benefits ?

Yes, We have an 80G Certificate for tax exemption. We offer 50% tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Q.30: Your project is not located in my state, why should I support you ?

Yes , we know that you do not belong to this state and on the other hand we can also say that social service has no limitation. I can share different cases with you that children from different states are running away and we have rescued them here in our operational locations and resettled them with their families.

Q.31: I am interested in helping social projects but not for children ?

Okay ! Good to know that you want to help with social projects. Here I can share with you that children are the backbone of society. They are the future aspiration. So  we thought you could change your mind to support.

Q.32: . What are you doing to stop cases of repeated runaway ?

Sir, we actually thought that the runaway rate is really low and a day will come while no child will runaway from his home. But it is a very optimistic thought but not impossible. In cases of repeated runaway we do the follow up both telephonically and if needed physically also.

Q.33: Are you getting fund from govt. ? 

Actually till date it is No, because the Postprocedural is too long and time taking also but we are still applying.
Q.34: If you are not getting govt. Support, then why ? 

Sure, we have received some awards and appreciations within the state as well as from Out of states like : Maharashtra.

Q.35: What do you do to support family of the rescued kids ? 

We will plan to support, if we get the financial support, then we will execute our plan.

Q.36:  Do you follow up the children you have helped ? 

Yes, We have a proper follow up mechanism, we are doing follow up to the resettled children  on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Q.37: What do you do after you send the rescued children to shelter homes/orphan homes ? 

After sending the rescued children to shelter homes/orphan homes, we are continuing the address tracing process and trying our best to trace the address of the child.

Q.38: If you found out you need help after a follow up, what do you do ? 

We will help in our capacity and also tried to fulfil their actual requirement through the help of other sources.

Q.39: What is your future plan ?
Our future plan is really high but before execution of any plan we need a proper fund for that.

Q.40: How did you get my contact ? Why did you contact me ?
Speak very politely that ,Sir, our office have some database like you and given to us in sense of that they are the socially inclined people and try to make them as a part of our supporters group. If he/she will not convince then told that this number i got from our MIS.I am contacting to you be a part of our supporters group.

Q.41:Why should I trust your work ? 

Sir, You can visit our Website and Facebook pages ,where you can see about our work and the real case studies of children.

Q.42: How much you expect me to support ? 

Help a child go back home after runaway from home or being trafficked or from other difficult situations under Project Rakshyak Rs- 6,000/-
Help a family connected repeated runaway or addicted child to go through our 3 weeks long residential rehabilitation camp Rs-10,000/-
Help a street connected addicted child to go through our 4 weeks long residential rehabilitation camp Rs-12,000/-
Help a school dropout child go back school after going through our 12 weeks residential educational- bridge course. Rs-30,000/-

“Indian Tax Paying Donors can get tax exemption benefits under section 80G of Income Tax Act”.

Q.43: If you have only 20 children, why do you need to collect from so many people ?
 Sir, it is only a number but if your support will be helpful to increase the number 20 to 2000 children were helped.

Q.44: Why are you not keeping children with you ?
Sir, to keep the children with us, it will need space and also funds, which we don’t have ,if some social people were held, that would be great.

Q.45: There are organisations like ChildLine for rescuing children, why are you working and why should I support you ? 

Sir, ChildLine has reached after they get a call from the client but we reach the child while he put his/her first step in the Railway platform.

Q.46: Why are you not operating outside Odisha ? 

Sir, we are planning for that..

Q.47: NGOs have a lot of money, why are you raising money from the public ? 

Sir, we are not like others, our organization is only run  by the support of individuals like you only.
Q.48: Why are you not approaching the CSR department of companies ? 

 Yes, we are approaching some of the companies and also giving presentations there on a regular basis.

Q.49: Is it fine to support once ?
Yes you can support monthly and once at your convenience.

Q.50: What will be the future of the rescued child?

The child’s future is very nice with his own family and live as per his/her interest.

Q.51:  What is the difference between ChildLine and SOCH activities?

Childline is a project run by a few NGOs and SOCH, itself a Non-Government organization working for the protection of the rights of deprived children & their rehabilitation.

Note: If you are asked questions, which is not listed, please connect the potential supporter to senior management.