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  • SOCH Received Best NGO award

    SOCH Received Best NGO award

    At Giving Back Award 2015

Project Need Assessment

During its 3 years of rigorous and dedicated service towards rescuing and restoring the destitute, runaway children under project Rakshyak, SOciety for CHildren (SOCH) identified a special group of such children who have made it a regular habit of running away and some who have been fallen prey to certain addictions. Reasons could be various for such action but SOCH decided not to give up so soon. Hence it decided to dedicate a more professional and specialized programme to mould such hard behaviour children with multiple counselling sessions. Thus was conceived a new wing of SOCH – “PUNARJIVAN”.


It is a one month Behavior Modification Camp working for the hard behavior children, who have a habit of running away regularly or have been separated from their family for a longer duration. These children undergo a change in their behavior and attitude during their stay in the camp through a structured schedule which includes of Spiritual, Counseling, Educational, Games and Entertainment activities under the guidance of professional teachers. The address tracing is pursued simultaneously. At the end of the camp, most of the children are happily reunited with their families and others are referred to various child care institutions for long term care and protection.


  • To transform the lives of the run-way, difficult behavior children with substance use.
  • To make the children aware of the negative consequences of a street life.
  • Equipping the child with necessary life-skills.
  • Developing a realistic future orientation.
  • To aim at a fuller and happier life for the runaway, difficult behavior children by ensuring safe resettlement of the children.

“PUNARJIVAN”, the objective being rejuvenation and reunion; gives new life and dimension to the lives of those children who have somehow been mislead to a wrong path in a wrong direction. PUNARJIVAN brings a new ray of hope in the lives of those Parents who have lost all hopes of regaining the lost faith of their most loved children on them.

With a dedicated team of professionals, Team PUNARJIVAN regularly follow-up with Stakeholders and constantly monitor the available database to track and identify such frequent runaway and hard behavior children. Once identified all these children are enrolled into a Monthly Camp dedicated to rejuvenate the lost purpose and energy towards life through a systematic and balanced day schedule that is inclusive of Spiritual, Educational, Games and Entertainment oriented activities.

By the time these children are trained and polished Team PUNARJIVAN carries out its Parent tracking activity. If traced the parents are informed and assured about their children and reunited at the end of the Monthly Camp along with a proper Parental Counseling in a ceremonial fashion in the presence of Govt. Authority Members. In case the Parents could not be traced such children are further referred to different rehabilitation centers who further take up the responsibility to shape up their future. The process doesn’t end here it continues with regular follow-ups on the well being and development of the Children. Till date SOCH has organized one behavioral modification camp with 20 hard behavior children at Bhairabi Club, Khurda. Out of the 20 children, 11 children have been successfully reunited with their family and 3 children have been referred to institutional care and 6 children are still with Bhairabi Club.

SOCH prevails over the philosophy that Children are the future of our society and every single future have to be preserved before they are ruined.

Activity Schedule

TIME Activities
Freshen-up 6am-7am
Physical exercise 7am-8am
Yoga and meditation 8am-8.30am
Breakfast 8.30am-9.30am
Non-formal education 9.30am-11am
Moral story class 11am-12pm
Bathing and cleaning 12pm-1pm
Lunch 1pm-2pm
Rest 2pm-4pm
Games 4pm-5.45pm
Evening snacks 5.45pm-6pm
Cultural program 6pm-7pm
Children meeting 7pm-8pm
Jyoti program 8pm-8.15pm
Dinner 8.30pm-9.30pm
Medicine 9.30pm-9.45pm
Wishing good night 9.45pm
Staff meeting 9.45pm-10-15pm

Graphical Representation of Status of the Camp Children