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  • SOCH Received Best NGO award

    SOCH Received Best NGO award

    At Giving Back Award 2015

About Us

The purpose of the society is charitable and nonprofit oriented. The activities of the society are aimed to realize rights of the vulnerable children in our society.

Vision: To create a just society, where all children are living happily, enjoying all their due rights.

Mission:  To realize the rights of deprived children and their rehabilitation.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To rescue and resettle runaway, missing, abducted and abandoned children. First priority will be given to family reunion and last option for Institutional care.
  • To rescue and resettle working children.
  • To rescue and resettle begging children.
  • To rescue and rehabilitate addicted and hard behavior street children through de-addiction and behavioral modification camp.
  • To run bridge camp for school dropout children for enrollment in formal education appropriate to the child’s age.
  • To provide health care service to children.
  • To give safe and nurtured environment for orphan children.
  • To give safe and nurtured environment for physically and mentally challenged children.
  • To encourage foster parenting and alternative care for children in need of care and protection.
  • To develop child centric community through awareness camp and necessary support.
  • To do awareness campaign on child rights and other issue related to children.
  • To conduct and participate in studies, surveys, seminars and work shop connected with children’s issue.
  • To submit views to make representations before authorities, committees, commissions or other bodies, including the general public, on any subject affecting the interest of the people and to promote or assist the promotion of any legislation or regulation which may appear to be in the interests of the society in accordance with and the furtherance of its objectives.

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